LED parking lot & roadway light

A Seamless Replacement For Conventional HID Systems

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LED Parking Lot & Roadway Light

LCG-PL, 25W to 240W

With its high performance, high efficacy and long-life, the LCG-PL Street and area luminaire has an outstanding photometric performance, providing excellent uniform light to the sites.

LCG-PL is a seamless replacement for conventional HID systems used in parking lots and roadway applications. The power door is located under the fixture has an easy access for maintenance.


Product Features

  • Light engine has various configurations to provide flexibility in design with various distribution types. Integrated aluminum heat sink to optimize thermal transfer and maximize performance and life of the LED. 70% lumen maintenance at >50,000 hours; predicted life of more than 100,000 hours.
  • Die cast aluminum housing, integrated aluminum heat sink to optimize thermal transfer and maximize performance and life of the LED. The driver is mounted in direct contact with the chamber for a low operating temperature and long life. Dust and water proof.
  • Compliance with: TM21, 3G vibration rating (ANSI C136), Anti-salty fog (ASTM B117), FCC B15, IP65, IEC-EN62471, CE-IEC60598, RoHS.
  • Mounting bracket include.
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty

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